Welcome to the new Gold Fish Casino!


Hey Spinners!

Goldie has been working hard at improving Gold Fish Casino.

That new logo features our new name—SciPlay!

Swimming along, the daily catch bonus is now a beautiful daily bonus wheel that includes bigger bonuses!

The re-decorated lobby makes Featured and Guest Star slots easier to find! Your other favorite slots are just a scrol away.

When you collect your mega bonus, you'll notice Goldie has swapped treasure chests for dancing clam shells!

Wave goodbye to Mermaids Cove and say hello to the High Limit Area! You'll find that all of your favorites are here!

Don't worry—you'll be receiving a big reward to account for all pearls and collectables you've worked for!

If you did not have access to Mermaids Cove, you'll unlock the High Limit Area by reaching level 50 in the game.

Ruby Slots has become Ruby Reef!

Now you have more control over the slots you can play. Featured slots will rotate every 24 hours and you can refresh slots by using rubies to "re-roll".

The first re-roll is on us!

Goldie has hit pause on the popular tournaments feature. Don't feel sunk... they will return!

Goldie and the Gold Fish team are thrilled to share these changes with you! We're constantly working to give our players the best spinning experience.

More new features and updates are coming soon!

Happy spinning!

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