Fraudulent Purchases

If your account has been compromised and there is fraudulent activity, please contact the platform who issued the charge as soon as possible.

Please note that some platforms have different processes in how they handle fraudulent financial refunds versus accidental purchases. If the purchase you are trying to get a refund for was made in error, such as from a child making an unapproved purchase, please see our Accidental Purchase guide on how to move forward.

Below is a list of platforms with their contact information if you are unsure on how to reach out to them for further action on your account.


Apple has provided instructions for what to do in cases of fraudulent activity on your Apple account. 

Please see Apple’s guide on how to proceed:

Receipt Bundling

Please keep in mind that Apple will often bundle multiple purchases that span several days into the same receipt. This can sometimes appear as though you made purchases on the same day, which can cause confusion on whether or not an unauthorized purchase was made on your account. 

For more information on how Apple bundles receipts, please see: 

Google Play

Google Play has two distinct methods for disputing charges on your account.

To report a fraudulent purchase to Google Play, please see:

Do not use this form if this is an accidental purchase, such as a child making a purchase without permission. Google Play handles these types of issues separately.


To report a fraudulent purchase on Facebook, please begin that process by following their instructions here:

Amazon Kindle

To report a security issue, including unauthorized purchases and/or fraudulent activity on your Amazon account, please see the link below.

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