Pearly Prizes

Are you ready for an absolutely FIN-tastic way to earn free coins? Every spin you make is a chance to win a Pearly Prize!

There are five tiers of pearly prizes available to win. When you bet big, you have a higher chance to win a higher tier of pearly prize. Pearly prizes can only be won by spinning on a slot machine.


After winning a pearly prize, it will be stored in your pearl bank. The pearl bank is in the bottom center of the screen. When in the game lobby or in the high limit room, the pearl bank will always be visible. You can also access the pearl bank while in a slot using the pearl bank button.




There are two ways to open a pearly prize: starting the prize’s countdown timer or using rubies to open them instantly.

A pearly prize countdown timer is automatically triggered by tapping on the pearl if no other countdown timer is active. If you wish to bypass the countdown timer and use your rubies to open it instantly, tap on the same pearly prize again. A pop-up window will appear on your screen where you will be able to spend your rubies.


The maximum number of pearly prizes you can hold at any given time is four. If you have all four slots of your pearl bank full and you win a fifth pearly prize, a pop-up message will appear giving you the option to claim the pearly prize with your rubies or to decline it.


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